Day 1 06/12/2017

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Milking team day 1 – don’t they look happy!?!?!
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OK, see the shinny new automatic milking machine in the lower right side…
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OK, now see the bucket placed under the udder, stealthily held by my wonderful Son Peter Moe! He had to hold it the cow kept kicking (Now we know why she was for sale!). The hobbles we had didn’t work, not sure if they were even all there.  It seems the cow was the only one who knew what to do!
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Yes, Bessie got her breakfast, while we tried to figure out the automatic milker.
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You have to know my son loves me, no matter what was happening and no matter what the time he got me my coffee. Love that kid!!
OK, It doesn’t look like much this way but it was hard earned!



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Let me introduce another member of the Milking Team Day 1 – she looks like she is waiting for something? I wonder what it could be?



Stormy Weather, got that! North Eastern plains of Colorado.

Storm Chasers

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Yuma County Colorado of the future

Even though non of us can say what the future holds you can bet that Yuma County Colorado will play a part in the future of our children and our children’s children. The wind turbines show the willingness of people of today to branch out and think of tomorrow.

Yuma County Colorado present…


The Yuma of today has built on the foundation of rural life. Helping others, knowing the land and the weather.  What happens today will affect the farmers of tomorrow just as the history of this county has affected the farmers and ranchers of today. Learning and growing are all a part of the Yuma County Colorado of the future.


Yuma County Colorado Past…

Yuma County Colorado has a very long history. These seem to the be ghosts from Yuma’s past. Then again where would we all be if the pioneers hadn’t forged ahead and made this the county of today. Yes, the long history has some rather dubious chapters, but with those dreams firmly fixed in the settlers minds we grew. Not very long ago (Maybe a hundred years, not long in the grand scheme of things is it?) These places were the main stay of families out here. The meals that they cooked and ate, the prayers they prayed, the life they dreamed about. All here Yuma County Colorado. The little one room school house – where students were taught the three R’s. I am sure that some of them were begrudging sent to school there. But what of the others, the dreamers, the planners and let us not forget the FARMERS.

I wonder how the school was run. I have a rather odd sense of humor. I see the children all dressed in their school clothes. Boys in overalls and girls in pinafore aprons. The teacher an old maid from the east looking to score a husband, Until then she would teach school.

Sorry I do seem to ramble. I guess the one thing I am very sure of is that the dreams that were dreamed in these broken down old ruins were once as vivid and real as any dream we dream today. I am not sure if the internet would have figured into their dreams but not much about today’s life would have been thought of back then…well, maybe by the dreams of the dreams.