Stormy Weather…



Day 1 06/12/2017

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Milking team day 1 – don’t they look happy!?!?!
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OK, see the shinny new automatic milking machine in the lower right side…
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OK, now see the bucket placed under the udder, stealthily held by my wonderful Son Peter Moe! He had to hold it the cow kept kicking (Now we know why she was for sale!). The hobbles we had didn’t work, not sure if they were even all there.  It seems the cow was the only one who knew what to do!
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Yes, Bessie got her breakfast, while we tried to figure out the automatic milker.
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You have to know my son loves me, no matter what was happening and no matter what the time he got me my coffee. Love that kid!!
OK, It doesn’t look like much this way but it was hard earned!



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Let me introduce another member of the Milking Team Day 1 – she looks like she is waiting for something? I wonder what it could be?



Storm Chasers

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